About Me

I have been posting reviews online, mostly about books or movies, since June of 2001 when I joined Epinions.com as dragonfire88.  I have posted a few things at Yahoo Contributor Network and I joined Bubblews last year as MarieDragonfire.  As of February 20, 2014, I am no longer able to contribute to Epinions since the site is no longer allowing members to post reviews.  I will focus on posting at Bubblews and on my blogs now.  I have also joined VeryHelpful.net, a review site started by a former Epinions member.  My user name there is Dragonfire88.

I will be posting about books on my book blog, Purple Dragon Books.  I use to have a purple dragon graphic on my page at Epinions, which is why I decided to use that for the title.

I will be posting about movies on my movie blog, Movie Enthusiast Corner.

I will be posting about television shows on my television blog, Reflections on Television.

Some of what I post will be more like the reviews I use to post at Epinions.  I will probably eventually post reworked versions of many of the reviews that I originally posted on Epinions.

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