Saturday, July 26, 2014

Holy Limited Edition Boxset Batman!


Many television shows, including older, classic shows, have been released on DVD over the last several years while some other shows have yet to be released.  One of the shows that has not been released is Batman, the somewhat corny series that aired from 1966 to 1968.  I have seen some episodes of the show over the years, along with the movie, and I have enjoyed them.  I have checked a few times to see if it was available on DVD, but it was always in vain.  That has changed now.

On November 11, 2014, Batman The Complete Series on DVD and Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition Blu-ray will be released.  Both versions are available for pre-order now.  Both sets do have a somewhat high price tag right now, but there are a good amount of extras with the sets along with all 120 episodes of the series.  Right now, Amazon has both for less than the list price, and it is possible that the price could drop more by the release date.  From what I can tell, the main difference, other than one being DVD and one being Blu-ray, is that the Limited Edition has some extra goodies.

Both versions have the uncut versions of all the episodes.  The original masters were used to create new transfers of the episodes instead of using the versions that have been used for syndication.  I did read that there was a panel at Comic-Con that showed footage from this release and it has been described as gorgeous.  There are new extras focused on different things like Batman collectibles or different aspects of making the show.  

As far as I know right now, only the Limited Edition Blu-ray will include a Hot Wheels replica of the Batmobile from the series, The Adam West Scrapbook, 44 Vintage Trading Cards, and an Ultraviolet Digital copy.  Right now, I’m not completely sure if there will be commentaries or not. 

It sounds like a lot of work has gone into these sets.  I don’t know for sure of course, but it seems like the sets have been planned and that the work has been going on for a while.  The fact that the series is finally being released on DVD and Blu-ray may be tied to the 75th anniversary of Batman.  I have already added it to my wishlist and it probably won’t be long before I break down and pre-order it even though it is pricey.

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  1. I enjoy this show in small doses, although I much prefer the third season with Batgirl. Looking forward to getting the series, finally, however.

  2. I know I'll get it...I need it for my Batman collection after all. :) I have enjoyed the different episodes I've seen - though I don't think I've seen that many. It is silly, but it is fun.