Monday, September 29, 2014

Castle Season Six Finale a Disappointment

I know that I am a bit late in writing about this since the sixth season finale of Castle aired in May, but I haven’t gotten anything written before now because the episode was such a disappoint to me.  Since the season seven premiere is now less than twenty four hours away, I decided to go ahead and write about the episode.

I will be mentioning things that will be spoilers for the sixth season finale for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.  Read at your own risk.

I really enjoyed season six overall and I was happy with almost everything.  In previous years, there were little things here and there I wasn’t as fond of, or even entire episodes I didn’t like much.  I didn’t like what went on with Alexis early in season six, but there weren’t any episodes that I completely didn’t like.  I was happy that Rick and Kate were engaged and I liked the little moments here and there when they were discussing wedding plans or are just together.  Then I watched the finale.  I still haven’t watched the episode again, something that is not usual for me.  I watch the show as it airs and also have my DVR set to record it.  I usually watch the episodes again within the first week, sometimes a few times.  I still have no desire to watch this particular episode again and I’m not sure when or if I will.

When Rick and Kate got engaged, I wasn’t expecting a wedding right away.  I thought it was a real possibility that the wedding wouldn’t happen until sometime in season seven, and that was fine with me.  Then later in season six, more and more about the wedding was coming up.  In the last week before the finale aired, ABC put out this video thing that was basically a montage of wonderful moments between Rick and Kate.  It also said something about how everything for six years has been leading to this or something like that.  Seeing that is what fully convinced me that the wedding was happening in the finale.  I never should have watched it.  I still would have been irked, but it wouldn’t have been as bad.

The episode starts off good, with Rick and Kate happily heading off to get their marriage license.  Things go wrong in just minutes though when the records show that Kate is already married as been for fifteen years.  Evidently she went to Vegas with her boyfriend and they went to a drive through wedding chapel as a joke.  They broke up a few weeks later, and Kate never once, in the years since, thought that it was a legal marriage, but she did remember doing it.  If she hadn’t remembered because she was drunk, that would have been more believable, never mind the fact that all the background checks that Kate has had to go through for her law enforcement career never found it.  That just doesn’t make sense, especially when the guy has a record that includes impersonating an FBI agent. 

Most of the episode is focused on Kate trying to track down her long lost husband to get him to sign the paperwork to end the marriage.  Most of the episode was just ridiculous, though there were a few good moments here and there.  As it got later, it became clear that the wedding wasn’t happening - or if it did, the most would we see would be the very beginning of the ceremony.  I would have been annoyed if that happened, but again, it wouldn’t have been as bad as what did happen.  Kate is in her dress and Rick is just twenty minutes away and it gets massively screwed up.  An SUV closes in on Rick on his way to the wedding and the next we see the car, it is in a ditch on fire as Kate runs up, still in her wedding dress. 

That ending was too much like what is done on soap operas, and Castle is generally better than that in my opinion.  The other season finales have been better and even when I wasn’t thrilled - like at the end of season two - it wasn’t as annoying, irritating, and disappointing as this.  My issue isn’t that I thought there was a chance that Rick would have been killed.  I never for one second thought that, just like I never for one second thought that Kate would die at the end of season three.  My main issue is that things were set up to make it look like the wedding was happening and we got to within minutes of it, only to have it ripped away.  I wouldn’t have been as irritated with Rick disappearing if they hadn’t been so close to the wedding when it happened.  I think it also added to my disappointment because the episode before, Veritas, was so good in so many ways.  I read interviews with Andrew Marlowe, the creator of the show who also co-wrote the episode, and he talked about how this was being used as an opportunity to introduce new things connected to Rick.  They could have still done that without messing up the wedding. 

I’m not saying that I’m going to stop watching the show or anything like that.  I was just very disappointed with this particular episode.  I am ready for the story to move forward again, though I am also slightly apprehensive about it as well because I just can’t help but be a tad nervous with how they are going to deal with what they set in motion.

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