Thursday, September 25, 2014

Season 10 of Bones Begins And I’m Already Annoyed

The tenth season of Bones began on Thursday, September 25, 2014 on FOX.  I have mostly watched the show since the first season, though there have been several times when I have gotten very, and I do mean very, irritated with the show.  I have stopped watching a few times, and even felt close to that point again last year.  I kept watching, though there are a couple episodes I still haven’t gotten to.  I was surprised by the finale.  It was very good and is the best finale the show has done in years. 

Things I have read or heard about the premiere recently started me to get concerned again.  The only thing this show has truly been consistent in is screwing stuff up in some way.  More often than not, this show has disappointed or ticked me off in some way.  That is why I have stopped watching more than once.  I guess I still hold out some sort of hope, which is why I have returned to the show time after time.  I don’t feel as, invested in the show as I use to be, so I end up feeling ambivalent about watching the new episodes at times.  I wasn’t completely sure that I was going to watch the new episode live before hand, but I did.  I am not happy.  

From here on, there could be spoilers, both for a few things from the last few seasons as well as from the premiere.  Read at your own risk.

After dealing with the super villain/hacker Pelant - a horrible character that I loath - for far to long, the show finally dealt with him in season nine.  Or at least they seemed to.  Then more complications surfaced when Temperance started having bad dreams about Pelant and became convinced that he had discovered a serial killer that has been active for years when he was mucking around to torment her and Booth.  I didn’t like the idea of that, even after evidence was found to prove that the Ghost Killer - what they started to call the killer - was real.  When it turned out that the Ghost Killer had recently been killed, I got more irritated because it seemed stupid to me to set up some new big serial killer, only for them to already be dead.  Then they discover that there is a huge cover up and conspiracy going on and it includes at least one person at the FBI.  Booth and Temperance keep digging, which makes them targets.  Season nine ended with some sort of black ops type team going into Booth and Temperance’s home to take him out.  When that doesn’t work, Booth is framed for the murder of three FBI agents.

The premiere episode picks up several months after the events of the finale.  I honestly don’t remember hearing how long in the episode, but I have read that it is supposed to be four months later.  Booth is in prison and it looks like he in general population.  Temperance and everyone at the Jeffersonian are working to prove that Booth is innocent by tracing back to the origin of the cover up.  They got a body dug up, but something was done that makes it almost impossible to fully examine the bones.  Temperance takes matters into her own hands to get Booth out of prison.  He seems more ticked off than anything by that.  It does seem to have been very risky for her to do, but he probably wouldn’t have been safe there much longer. 

Booth is having some issues, which makes sense given what he has been through recently.  Sweets is involved in helping as well.  Daisy turns up and it seems that not only are the two of them involved again, she is very pregnant.  I had read about that sometime last week I think it was.  The actress who plays Daisy is pregnant, but since Daisy is usually only in a few episodes a year, I didn’t get why it was written into the show.  I think I do now though, and I’m not really liking that either.  I’ll get to more on that in a minute.  Anyway, the team keeps working and they do manage to uncover some things and it is looking like progress is being made.  Then something goes horribly wrong.  Sweets was doing something related to a new search warrant - I can’t remember exactly what now.  Anyway, that went way wrong, someone beat the crap out of him, though Sweets made a point of saying he fought back and Booth would have been proud.  It seems there are some kind of massive internal injuries and he dies - with Booth and Temperance at his side - before the paramedics get there.

I am still in bit of shock over this.  It certainly surprised me since I never thought anything like that would happen and there were no hints of it in the stuff I have read over the summer about the new season.  Sweets wasn’t my favorite character, but I didn’t dislike him.  I didn’t like him that much when he first showed up, but he has grown on me and become more likable.  I am not happy about this at all.  Right now, I don’t know that I want to watch the next episode. 

I already read an interview with one of the producers that was up online right after the episode ended.  In it, the producer - I can’t remember his name, but I think it is the same one who adored Pelant as a character - mentioned how John Francis Daly, the actor who played Sweets, has also being writing and working on other projects, including directing new the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, so some conflicts were coming up.  I can understand that, but I still don’t like that Sweets has been killed off, and in this way.  It was very clear immediately that Booth is going to be feeling extremely guilty about this, and the short preview of the next episode enforces that.  With the final scene, it is clear they are setting it up to be a mission for everyone at the Jeffersonian to find his killer.  While it may work for the story they are doing, I still don’t like it.  Booth was already moodier, which I get because of being framed and everything, but now it will be so much worse.  I am not looking forward to that.

The producer was laughing in the interview about a few things and talked about how fun this is going to be for the show, showing how the characters deal with the death and all that.  He basically said that the main reason Daisy is pregnant in the show is because they were killing Sweets off, so that will offer some fun story possibilities.  It isn’t fun when a likable character is killed off out of the blue like this.  It was also brought up in the interview about Wendell’s illness and how his fate may improve now..  He is one of the rotating interns and last season they decided to give him some kind of horrible bone cancer that is almost always fatal.  Since that happened, I have had a feeling that it was just a matter of time before they killed him off, something that would tick me off.  The producer sort of confirmed that had been the original plan and now, since they killed Sweets, Wendell’s fate will change.  That irritates me too.  

So once again, I am annoyed and aggravated with Bones.  I really did figure something in the episode would at least slightly annoy me, but I didn’t expect anything on this level.  I thought it would be a bit later in the season before I got this irritated again.  I should have known better, especially since they actually managed to have a good finale last season.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't like it. I must admit I've never watched this show, and you aren't exactly making me want to change that perfect record.

  2. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the show has disappointed or annoyed me. I guess I sort of feel like I have stuck with it this long - for the most part - I might as well keep it up. Though I miss episodes at times and don't really care.

    I think what really irritates me, even more than the completely stupid crap they have done to jerk the fans around, is that the show was really good the first few seasons. Then the nonsense started.

    At this point, with everything that has happened, I wouldn't suggest anyone to start watching now.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. :)