Monday, October 6, 2014

Bones Season 10 Episode 2

After the season premiere of Bones, I was irritated and annoyed by the show again to the point that I wasn’t sure I was going to watch the second episode as it aired.  I ultimately decided to watch it, mostly because there wasn’t anything else on at that time I wanted to watch.  Once The Big Bang Theory goes back to Thursdays, Bones will wait on the DVR. 

I will be mentioning things that will be spoilers for previous episodes of Bones, especially the season 10 premiere.  You have been warned, so read at your own risk.

Everyone is still trying to deal with the death of Sweets.  Booth is in a full on guilt mode, blaming himself since Sweets was doing something to try to help clear Booth when he was killed.  The team is very focused on trying to figure out who the ultimate bad guy is.  Daisy is there as well, saying that helping the investigation will help her.  They manage to uncover more evidence tied to the conspiracy.  The person who actually killed Sweets - but not the person behind it all - is found dead from when Sweets was able to shoot him with rats crawling all over him.  More of the evidence starts to tie back in to J. Edgar Hoover and what he was up to when he was in charge of the FBI.  By the end of the episode, they have decided that the conspiracy does go back to things Hoover did, including secret files, that were passed down to the step father of the person behind the current problems.  There was an exhibit at the Jeffersonian of Hoover’s office and the real files that link to all the real crimes are actually in the exhibit.

I don’t know much about Hoover, though I have heard that he kept secret files on a lot of people, so the idea that his files were passed down to someone else kind of makes sense.  At the same time, it seems entirely too convenient for the whole mess to tie back to Hoover, never mind that all the proof was right there in the Jeffersonian the whole time.  Once again, the writers tried to set up something big with a long story arc only to have it fall incredibly flat.  I even though to myself after it was over, “That’s it?”.  It just isn’t working for me.  I think there are a few little loose threads hanging as well.  They didn’t identify any current FBI agent as being dirty or at least as being blackmailed into doing stuff by the bad guy.  It seems like with certain things that happened - the team sent to kill Booth in the finale and then Booth being framed for murder - had to have a current FBI agent involved to pull off.  It just doesn’t really make sense, but the characters were acting like everything was all resolved and tied up with a neat bow.

Sweets being murdered added absolutely nothing to this story.  There was an attempt to tug at the heartstrings early on when Christine walked out talking about Uncle Sweets and Daisy taking her to the park or something.  We don’t see Temperance and Booth try to tell Christine that he is dead, but it is strongly implied that is what will happen when the scene ends.  All the murder has done is set stuff up for Booth to be guilty and basically be Mr. Grumpy.  I just have a feeling that he will be having more outbursts and just be, well, grumpy, throughout this season.  I get that he would have issues tied to everything that has happened, but I don’t have a lot of faith that the writers will deal with it properly.  Given what they have done before, I could see them just having him moody and grumpy until he snaps and shoots another clown or something. 

I don’t care for how this story has played out at all.  I didn’t have high expectations because of how prior longer stories have been done, but I was still irritated and disappointed.  I really don’t want to see Booth racked with guilt for the rest of the season.  It would make sense for him to deal with that for a little while, however, the Bones writers have shown in the past that they like to drag something on and on and on well past when the story stops working.  I am glad that there is at least some closure to all this conspiracy stuff, though I won’t be surprised if they decide to bring up something tied to it again at some point.


  1. With how much people love and hate this show, I'm kind of glad I never got pulled into it.

  2. I understand that feeling. I kind of wish I never started now myself. Especially after reading something last night. My irritation level is at a new all time high.

  3. I enjoy this show in general despite that fact that I can't stand David B. Elite G-man is such an unbelievable stretch for this limited actor. Moving on... Long running shows running out of ideas is very common but Ep. 2 was so bad as to be cartoonish. I hope the writers get back on track.

    1. Sorry. I was actually referring to episode 3 not 2 as stated above.