Monday, October 13, 2014

Bones Season 10 Episode 3 - The Purging of the Pundit

I am still feeling a bit conflicted about what is going on in season 10 of Bones so far.  Yes the conspiracy was resolved by the end of the second episode, but it didn’t feel satisfying.  Too many things just seem a little too convenient and I am not at all happy about what happened in the premiere.  My DVR is still set to record the show, though I honestly don’t know if that will continue.  I did have the show on when it originally aired, though I wasn’t really paying attention and I missed most of what happened.  I went ahead and watched the episode from my DVR yesterday.

I will be mentioning things that will be spoilers for this episode and possibly pervious episodes as well.  Read at your own risk.

Remains are found in a storm drain by two female high school students who were looking to do some sort of community service to help their chances of getting into college.  Shortly after Temperance and Booth begin investigating, they discover that the remains are of a controversial talk radio host.  The new agent - I still can’t remember his name, so I just refer to him as Junior.  That’s what I thought of him during the first episode and it has just stuck for me.  Anyway, Junior is still around and he is trying very hard to help Booth with the investigation, only to be shut out over and over or sent back to his desk like a child being sent to his room.  Things connected to the case are kind of gross, which has been normal for Bones for years.  It seems they are still trying to find the most gross and disgusting look for remains.  There are even ferrets that have been snacking on the body before it is found too.  The show does go overboard on the gross factor. 

They find evidence that the victim had been involved in some kinky activities.  That is probably the most interesting development in the case.  It wasn’t that interesting overall at all and I didn’t particularly care about who the killer was.  The case is solved by the end - the co host did it - but I didn’t care.  There was more attention given to Booth and he is or isn’t dealing with his lingering trust issues.  Booth is having trouble sleeping that he brushes off when Temperance points it out.  He all but pats Junior on the head before sending him off and handling things alone.  Grumpy Booth was around for much of the episode.  I get that he has trust issues and is even a bit angry over everything he’s gone through, but really nothing is done to deal with it.  Temperance finally talks to him, telling him he can’t isolate himself and he needs to start to trusting again.  Temperance is more trusting and accepting of Junior and tries to encourage Booth to be the same.  Later in the episode, when Booth once again dismisses Junior, he stands up to Booth.  Shortly after that, Temperance backs out of going in during an interrogation, saying that Junior should go instead. 

By the end of the episode, Booth is acting like he is back to normal and fine with Junior.  His issues weren’t really dealt with just by Temperance talking to him once and then making Booth work with Junior.  I have a feeling that grumpy Booth will reappear throughout the season.  It would make sense for him to have lingering issues after everything, but those things aren’t truly being addressed or properly being dealt with.  I find it aggravating that the writers set all this stuff up and then are trying to quickly brush stuff under the rug instead of having Booth do things to deal with his issues instead of just being grumpy.  It does feel like Junior is supposed to be a replacement for Sweets, something that isn’t sitting well with me at the moment even though I sort of like the character.

There was nothing special about this episode of Bones.  I didn’t particularly care about the case and I didn’t care that much about Booth being grumpy.  I just don’t care that much about the show anymore.  I’m not sure what can be done to change that at this point and I’m not fully sure why I still bother to watch.  I guess part of it is because I’ve mostly stuck with it this long, I feel like I might as well keep watching until the end.  I don’t see the show going past this season, though the one producer has already basically said in an interview that season 11 is all but a done deal. 

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