Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall TV Season 2014 So Far

I usually look forward to new seasons of tv shows starting back up in the fall each year.  This year, I was mostly looking forward to The Big Bang Theory and Castle, my two favorite shows.  I am current with some of the shows I watch, and behind on others.  This seems to always happen to me.  I’ve decided to write a bit about what I have watched so far this fall, along with mentioning what is sitting on my DVR waiting for when I get around to watching.

I will mention things that have happened on different shows.  While I’m not going into as many details as I have when I have written about specific episodes, there could be some spoilers ahead.

The Big Bang Theory is on Monday nights right now, but will go back to Thursday nights after football is done.  The show is still going strong in the eighth season and I still find it funny and entertaining.  I love that Stuart is living with Howard’s mother even after her health is better.  They seem to have sort of adopted each other and it is hilarious to see Howard flip out about it.  Hopefully this will continue since it is so funny.  The relationship between Sheldon and Amy and Leonard and Penny are still going on.  Raj has finally found a woman that can deal with his issues in Emily.  She seems nice, though there is some kind of tension between her and Penny.

Scorpion is an hour long drama on CBS that airs after The Big Bang Theory.  So far, the show has had fairly high ratings.  I do wonder if they will stay that high once The Big Bang Theory moves back to Thursdays.  The show is about a group of geniuses who don’t function well in normal society who work together.  Walter runs the company and has a history with Agent Gabe Gallo of Homeland Security and the two men still have issues.  Gabe recruits Walter and his team to work on national security problems.  Walter befriends Paige, a waitress, and her genius young son.  Paige ends up working for the company, helping them deal with the real world while they help her interact better with her son.  The show says it is inspired by true events, but I have no clue what is true and what is exaggerated for tv.  The show is entertaining but really nothing special.  A lot of over the top stuff has happened in every episode so far and Paige becoming part of the team does seem a little odd.  I just ended up leaving it on after The Big Bang Theory because I had my DVR set for Sleepy Hollow.   Right now, I don’t know how much longer I will keep watching.

Sleepy Hollow is in the second season.  I really enjoyed the first part of the first season last year.  The show has a different take on the Headless Horseman that I think is very interesting.  The first season did have fewer episodes, and there was a break in the middle of the season.  I’m not sure why FOX decided to do that instead of airing all the episodes.  By the time the show aired again, work was really crazy for me, and I missed most of those episodes and I haven’t gotten caught up yet.  So far, I have seen the first two episodes of the second season.  There is one more on my DVR, soon to be joined by another one.  While I still really enjoyed the show, I was a little confused about a few things, including if one character was good or bad, since I missed the last episodes. 

Castle had a cliffhanger to resolve in the premiere.  While that mostly happened, I still have major issues with the finale of season six - I honestly don’t think I will ever be happy with that particular episode - but I am feeling much better about things now that the new season has started.  There are still a lot of questions connected to Rick’s disappearance, but there have been a few things resolved.  I am all right with things not being completely figured out tied to that yet.  I did not like the way this story line, which is supposed to explore Rick more, was started or even the direction it was going for much of the premiere.  Exploring Rick is fine.  I’m just not completely happy with how it is being done.  Things are better by the end of the second episode.  The third episode was great.  I more detailed post about that episode is coming soon. 

NCIS is a show that I’ve watched off and on for years.  I do tend to enjoy it, but I don’t worry if I miss an episode..or two...or more.  I have mostly watched the first few episodes this season, but I have also been doing other things at the time, so I haven’t caught everything that has happened.  I sometimes watched NCIS: Los Angels.  This year, that show changed time slots and is airing at the same time as Castle, so I haven’t watched any of it.  I also don’t have it on my DVR.  I wasn’t too bothered about seeing it.  I have started to watch NCIS: New Orleans, but my attention keeps wandering.  The show seems ok.  I just haven’t been hooked I guess.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield is one that I watched off and on last year as well.  So far, I’ve seen the first episode this season and have the others on my DVR.  I have seen bits and pieces of the other episodes because I’ve flipped back and forth between this and NCIS: New Orleans.  From what I have seen, there are interesting things going on this season.  I do enjoy the show and plan to catch up.

Forever is a new show that I am really enjoying. The first few episodes set up what is going on with Henry - that he is over 200 years old - and that he is searching for answers about his condition.  The fact that there is also someone else out there with the same condition, who is much much older, is set up during the first few weeks.  Things are done to make it seem like this guy, who calls himself Adam, is a villain of some sort.  He hasn’t been in the other two episodes, though I think he will pop up in other episodes.  A little more of Henry’s past is shared in each episode and I find that very interesting.  I also really like the relationship he has with Abe and exactly how they are connected.  I am really like this show and I really hope it lasts.  It is probably the new show that I am enjoying the most this year.

Criminal Minds is mostly like it has been in previous seasons so far.  There is a new agent played by Jennifer Love Hewitt that is the only change.  The first few cases this year have been suitably creepy. 

Stalker is a new show that airs after Criminal Minds.  The show has potential, following the detectives of a special unit that deals with stalking cases, but I’m still not sure what I think yet.  Both of the main characters have issues, with Beth attacking a rich kid who has been stalking his former roommate.  Jack is basically stalking his ex.  He moved from New York to take the job so he would be in the same city as her again.  She discovered he is in town, and in the second episode, she tells him to leave town or else she will get him fired.  I guess it is kind of bothering me that Beth and Jack are both showing criminal traits when they are cops.  I have watched other shows where eventually a cop character bends the law or crosses a line, but never right from the beginning.  I still haven’t decided for sure about this show.

Bones has really annoyed and irritated me already this season.  That has happened with the show previously at times, even to the point where I stopped watching for a while more than once.  I’m honestly not sure why I am still watching.  They did do a conclusion to the over the top conspiracy story that got started last season, but the conclusion seems kind of too convenient.  Honestly, I didn’t expect much with that story because I didn’t care for how the show handled other attempts at longer stories.  The third episode has everyone trying to get back to normal after the murder of Sweets.  Booth is back full time at the FBI, but he has trust issues.  While that is understandable after he was framed for murder, the way it has been handled has been to make Booth grumpy while avoiding trying to deal with anything.  A grumpy Booth is not pleasant to see.  Temperance does get him to realize that he can’t shut himself off from everyone and it seems like he is back to normal by the last scene.  Again, that is a little too easy for dealing with what the writers put Booth through.  It won’t surprise me one bit if the writers decide to make grumpy Booth return every so often throughout the season.

Gracepoint is the US version of the British show Broadchurch.  I was able to see Broadchurch on BBC America in 2013 and I really enjoyed the show.  I have been interested in seeing Gracepoint since I found out it was definitely being made even though I had concerns with it being on FOX.  So far, the show has been very good and stayed very true to the original.  I have seen some complainants about that, but I like that it has stayed so true to the original.  Broadchurch was excellent and if too much was changed, the show would lose something.  There will only be ten episodes.  I know a second season of Broadchurch is planned.  I have no idea if Gracepoint will get a second season as well.

The show is focused on the investigation into the murder of a young boy named Danny in the small town of Gracepoint where everyone knows everyone.  The first episode focused on Danny being found and the beginning of the investigation.  Time has been taken over the first two episodes to introduce the various characters, pretty much all of which are suspects at this point.  The show is slowing building things like was done with the original.  David Tennant is also in this version, another reason I wanted to see the show even though it is odd to hear him with an American accent.  I have heard that Gracepoint will have a different outcome than Broadchurch.  I think the show has been very well done so far.  I wouldn’t mind if it ended up with the same outcome if it continues to be this good.

CSI has been moved to Sunday nights at 10:00 P.M., something I still have trouble remembering.  If I hadn’t already had the DVR set for the show, I would have missed the first two episodes.  The first episode deals with a case that goes back to when Russell and Julie worked at the lab in Seattle.  The second and third episodes have had different cases, but still connect back to the first one slightly.  Julie has gone back to Seattle to look for more information and Russell is still going over the case as well.  In the third episode, Sara and Greg face potentially being exposed to a deadly disease at a crime scene. 

I still watch The Simpsons on Sunday nights.  The most recent episode has Marge attempting to start a franchise sandwich shop.  I know a lot of people say the show is horrible anymore, but I still enjoy it.  I do enjoy Bob’s Burgers when it is on, but it hasn’t been on every week because of football.  I have the first few episodes of Gotham on my DVR, but I haven’t managed to watch any of them yet.  I have watched the first few episodes of The Middle.  The show has grown on me since it started.  I don’t care for The Goldbergs, though I have left it on the last few weeks because there wasn’t anything else on then I wanted to watch.  It was basically background noise.  I did see the first episode of Black-ish and I didn’t care for it.  I have seen Mulaney on FOX as well and am not impressed. 

Honestly, right now, the only shows I plan to keep watching all the way through the season are The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Forever, Elementary (once it is on after Thursday night football ends), and The Simpsons.  The other shows depend on how entertaining I continue to find the episodes.  I will more than likely keep watching Criminal Minds, though it may build up on the DVR at times before I catch up.  Some things will change once The Big Bang Theory is back on Thursday nights and Elementary is back on.  I have no intention of watching Two and a Half MenMom I can take or leave, and I mostly left it last year.  It will probably just be background noise if I leave it on.  I did like 2 Broke Girls during the first season overall, but it did start annoying me last year, so I’m not sure I’ll bother to watch it this year or not.  I like Mike & Molly and think it is pretty funny, but it isn’t on right now.  I’m pretty sure the show was renewed, but I don’t know when it will start airing.  It started later last season as well.

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